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All of K4K's design and manufacturing operations take place in downtown Los Angeles.  We are connected to our city; and are first to identify emerging trends.  This local vertical integration model affords speed-to-market capabilities otherwise impossible for boutique fashion houses.   Kali4Kouture manufactures at an environmentally-responsible facility in Los Angeles, that provides a living wage and dignified working conditions.



Please read our requirements below.  We respond to inquiries submitted here within 24 hours. 


We are grateful for your interest! Please note that we rarely allow exclusively-online platforms to carry our products.    When submitting inquiries: Please include photographs of your physical retail store, buyer and accounting contact information, store website, and names of three other vendor-labels in your assortment.  


Studio Services

K4K offers all products, including K4K Couture, at specialized selling prices.  We also offer customized and commissioned-works services.  We do not grant requests for the gratis-use of our products.  On a pre-approved basis, we allow the loan-out of products for a nominal fee.  We do require certain re-transmittal and (non-promotional) marketing rights to content that features our product(s).  Credit applications, waivers, and vendor release documents must be completed prior to any sales or loan-out transactions. 


Influencer Marketing 

We may enter into partnerships with social media influencers that exhibit proven success in creating high-quality editorial-fashion content; and have cultivated a very-large audience of 100,000 or more apparel purchase-focused followers.  Entering into contractual Agreement, we offer our products and or other certain considerations in exchange for the completion of services as outlined in our Agreements.  Unless we directly reach out to you, we do not offer free products, nor any considerations in-advance of meeting benchmarks.  Under all partnerships-- K4K does not offer financial compensation on a per-photo or posting basis.  Considerations are entirely based upon the ability to achieve a minimal number of sales transactions under a unique promotional checkout code.  

Please review our Editorial Fashion Blog for examples of the quality and tone of content we require under these Agreements.  All content must consist of multiple professionally-photographed images.  


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